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Genesis Re-Entry Services is proud to support victims of domestic violence through:

  • Local Food Pantry and Thrift Shop

  • Support Hot Line for an Emergency Resource Center 

  • Educational Programs 

  • Low Income Families clothing & food programs

  • Interview training and preparation

  • Head-to-toe beauty makeovers 

  • Providing free clothing




Genesis Re-Entry will host year-round fundraisers to help potential allies, funders, donors, and supporters to understand why they must invest in the shelter and the potential impact against women, individuals, families, and the community if the identified services are not established. Fundraisers are necessary to help support advocacy programs so that systematic change can be achieved. 


Looking good can establish steps towards helping those build self esteem and confidence. This form of empowerment can assist in helping victims regain self worth, which can furthermore enhance their decision making. Genesis Re-Entry Services can offer this support because of its established salon and barber resources. Makeovers will include hair care, makeup, manicures, and barber specific services for men. 

When leaving an abusive relationship it can be extremely difficult. Finding temporary shelter and safe housing becomes urgent. By Establishing a confidential 24 hour toll-free hotline that provides information and referrals for those who are in danger of becoming victims In addition, provide translation services in communities prominitiet immigrant population. 


Victims of domestic violence should have access to information, education, and other necessary social and economic support to make informed decisions that reflect their needs. Genesis Re-Entry Services will establish educational programs that will assist victims with crisis counseling, implementation of safety planning, health and nutrition, financial planning, and interviewing skills. 



With the planned establishment of the Genesis Re-Entry Resource Center we would be able to provide clothing, as often domestic violence victims and children are forced to leave with little or no clothing. In addition, we will assist and support local food drives with food preparation to feed the homeless. Coming August 2020, a local food pantry and thrift shop will be available for fundraising.

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